Reverse Therapy Clients

“After reading the Reverse Therapy book by John Eaton, I knew this was going to be an important step towards a deeper understanding of how I found myself with CFS and indeed towards recovery.

Tania helped me to discuss and interpret my experiences up to that point in order to unearth what it was my body has been trying to tell me (for years). Then by taking action using the messages Tania helped me find, I was able to see direct positive results in my symptoms and felt much stronger and confident in the face of my fatigue.



If you truly understand that this illness has a very significant psychological component to it, then I think Reverse Therapy with Tania will really help move you forwards.”

Ian, London

I found Tania through a google search in a challenging moment when I was feeling very lost and stuck with my health.   I felt a really good gut feeling about working with her from the first time we chatted.

During the online video sessions that followed we were quickly able to develop an open, honest and positive rapport.  Tania consistently supported me in a way that felt strengthening. She has a knack for making you feel truly heard and balances this with practical tools to help you to move forward.

The work was not always easy, but then I would probably not have learned very much if it had been! Tania helped me to tap into my reserves of courage, take actions to reconnect with the things that are really important in my life, to become more resilient whilst also more at peace with my experiences.

I am truly grateful for the empathy and compassion she has shown me and the life lessons she has taught me.

Deborah, Winchester

Reverse Therapy has taught me valuable skills and techniques that can be applied to all aspects of life – and I will never forget them. Not to be dramatic but you changed my life! When I sit and reflect on the past year and how much I have improved, it all comes down to the help you gave me. I want to thank you for allowing me to get to this place – where I can do anything and everythingI want!

Maddy, Rome

“I want to say a HUGE thank you for all your help with Reverse Therapy. I have learnt so much about myself and my body and I now have all the tools to continue to help myself going forward. Hopefully my well-being will now go from strength to strength as my body truly realises it is in safe hands.

You have certainly been an amazing person to work with and you somehow know the right questions to ask me – thank you!”

Mandy, London

“Having been off work with chronic fatigue for 6 months I was completely at my wits end. Having been an incredibly busy, sociable 23 year old, being in bed for six months was literally sole destroying.

When we discovered Tania and Reverse Therapy I was a bit reluctant. The GPs had suggested so many different things that I didn’t hold out much hope that this one would work. However, after my first session I just knew this was going to work! Everything Tania said just summed up my situation!

Tania also had her work cut out as I was due to get married in six weeks time and was still in bed all the time at this point….yet this didn’t phase her at all!! After just three sessions I was a different person. Reverse Therapy isn’t just something that helped me get better but it is now a life skill that I use on a daily basis.

Teaching my body that it is in safe hands with me in charge has been a huge lesson, and now that I am well is something that I don’t want to lose. Learning to getyour needs met whether it be at home, at work or out and about is an invaluable lesson that I am still using. Reverse therapy has taught me the skills I need to make sure that I never ever land back in that same situation again, it has taught me to listen to my body and to know the signs before they get out of control.

I got married on the 9th June 2012 and was completely well! It was exactly six weeks after I had started Reverse Therapy. Tania would never take any of the glory but it was 100 percent down to her and reverse therapy that I was able to have the best day of my life and dance the night away!!!”

Megan, London

Before I came to see you I really was at the lowest I had ever been and don’t know how I would have continued like that, with no hope for the future. Thank you for encouraging me to come. It was scary at first but I just knew it was going to work, I had every belief in you and Reverse Therapy. It has turned my life around and even though I have a way to go, it is the most amazing feeling to be well again.

Thank you for showing me the way and helping me to get my life back!

Mark, London

“Chronic Fatigue Syndrome reduced this former military man and athlete to a wreck who could barely look after himself on the worst days. Standing long enough to cook a meal was a challenge, so too was sitting up rather than lying down, and even talking. I was unable to work, socialize or pursue any of the hobbies I enjoy.

After just one session with Dr Tania Abdulezer I started to improve. At first simple awareness of my body seemed to help alleviate some symptoms. I started to feel “on the up” and optimistic I could beat the condition. Three sessions later we had identified the patterns of my action and habits in life that my body was yelling at me to change and I began to act wholeheartedly on reversing what I was doing wrong, and paying more attention to my body’s need for balance and variety in life.

I became comfortable walking again. I returned to socializing. I could even jog and started going to the gym. It took about five sessions for me to feel symptom-free with only very occasional, minor relapses I quickly fixed using the techniques the therapist taught me. I’m now as fit as I ever was, socializing and able to do everything CFS once curtailed. I owe it all to Reverse Therapy; had I not tried it, I would still be lying in bed.

It’s regrettable that RT isn’t yet available on the NHS. I shudder to think what I’d have done, and how my life would be now, Had I not noticed a newspaper

article about it. I saw two private doctors, both of them specialists, who were no help at all before RT saved me and gave me my life back.

Thank you.”

Robin, New York City

“I had read about Reverse Therapy about a year before I tried it. I had always thought my chronic fatigue symptoms (achiness, zero energy, low spirits etc)were temporary and could be solved (according to GP advice and other  therapists) with a better diet and less work. However when I admitted to myself they weren’t going to go away with ad hoc life style changes and no one else was tired all the time, I knew I had to face the appointment I had been putting off.

When I visited Tania however, there was of course nothing to be scared of, all I had committed myself to was focused, reassuring sessions from which I could take away practical information. I put Tania’s advice into practice straight away and steadily the symptoms lifted as my body realised I was finally ready to listen. All in all I went for about 6 – 8 sessions over a period of three months or so and I was a different person at the end. Much more was in perspective, and thanks to Tania, my way of looking at life had irreversibly shifted.

One year on, I have learned tools for behaving and reacting to people and events that don’t have a detrimental effect. Its still a learning curve but I feel so much more normal now and willing to interact with the world because I have a better idea of what’s nourishing and what isn’t. If I hadn’t been to see Tania, I think I would definitely still be stuck with the same symptoms and poor quality of life as a year ago.

I couldn’t recommend Tania’s approach highly enough.”

Annabel, London

“I started reverse therapy after being ill for about 18 months and off work for nearly a year. I found out about it through work and am extraordinarily glad that I did.

Although I was already on a personal journey that helped my understanding and acceptance of RT, I am absolutely certain that I would not have got well either nearly as quickly as I did or to the extent that I have. Immediately after my first session I started to get gaps in my symptoms (prior to that I never seemed to get any at all) and although it was nearly a year before I felt really well, the progress I made was constant and very motivational.

The most amazing thing I learned was how powerful listening to my body is and how my life has changed by taking the time to listen and respond. Everyone should learn to do this at school!!

Two years on, I am working at least 24 hours a week, am able to cope (and enjoy) my young daughter and I now run (yes run and enter races!!) 3 times a week and take my dogs for long walks. I still have to listen to my body (and hope I always will do), but no longer get any symptoms.

People keep telling me how well I look. I’ve heard some sceptical things about RT, and I’m sure that if it hasn’t worked for some people it’s because they didn’t trust their bodies enough. It takes alot of commitment. I wholeheartedly recommend RT and believe that everyone could learn from it, not just those who are ill.”

Helen, Norwich

“From being the most vivacious person in the world, I went on holiday and caught flu, except, it was a flu that did not disappear. Doctors did not believe I was ill and people just had awful stories of people having ME/Chronique fatigue for years and years. Even something from the ME association said the average length of the illness is seven years!!!! I refused to believe this but feeling I was the only one believing this and seemingly not getting better it was a hard slog until I went to see Tania.

Suddenly I had the regular support of someone who a) understood what I was going through and b) saw people regularly get better! It was this belief that I would get better which was invaluable and the fact that I really picked up even within the first month. From then on, it was not a smooth upward journey, I definitely went up and down but Tania was there in person and down the end of the phone encouraging me to trust & listen to my body.

Gradually I got stronger and stronger and better at listening to my body. It took about eight-nine months of working with Tania until I felt I could manageon my own, which included going back to work part time and then full time for the last three months.

I’m still continuing to learn everyday, I can’t work all day and party all night every night like I used to however my friends think that I am more ‘normal’ now and much more relaxed to be around. Of course I wish I never had to go through this but as a result of the experience and working with Tania, some how life is better.”

– Jen, London

“For the past four years I had been suffering on and off with severe fatigue, depression, sore throats and many symptoms which meant I had to give up a good job and career and struggle to get through life. Like most people, I had been visiting the doctors time and time again, blood test after blood test with nothing showing up.

I first heard about Reverse Therapy through a friend who had done it and got herself better. Despite this, I was still pretty sceptical about it. It was pretty costly and I just couldn’t understand how it would work (nothing else had). However, I bought the book which I read and then made an appointment.

Seven sessions later, I am sitting here and feeling like my old self, but much better off. I have a re-newed energy and vitality for life, no sore throats or other symptoms and a view of life that is much different from before. I’m not tired and I’m back at work doing something totally different, but something that I enjoy. I even really believe I could start training for the marathon (something I joke about – but I could!).

Reverse therapy has taught me lots of things. Its taught me how to take care of myself, to listen to what my body wants to do (which sounds crazy – but you can), to prioritise what there is to worry about and what you can’t waste your time thinking about. Most of all – it has given me a quality of life that I didnt think I was going to have and how to sustain that quality.

The hardest part was to take some action in the first place. But anyone reading this and wondering what to do, I would say make the call today. It really is a way of changing your life for the better and although you can’t imagine it now, after a few sessions, you will see that it is possible! I can’t thank my therapist and Reverse Therapy enough.”

Dan, London

“Before I found Reverse Therapy I had been through probably the hardest part of my life. Returning from a business trip to India I became increasingly unwell to the point of being admitted to hospital for a number of weeks with suspected Meningitis, although this was dismissed and no clear diagnosis was made. On leaving hospital I had high hopes of recovery and getting back to my normal life, unfortunately I didn’t and was unable to function normally for 9 months.

I went to see various doctors and specialists and the final diagnosis was Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but without any clear route of recovery and little to no information. I found out about Reverse Therapy through a friend of a friend and once I had read John Eaton’s book I booked my first appointment. Upon meeting Tania and discussing the problems I was experiencing I knew that this was what I had been looking for and that I would get better. I also realised that I had suffered before at various points in my life and not ever resolved the underlying issues. Through the practice of yoga, I was already familiar with the ideas that are at the crux of Reverse Therapy and so almost immediately I knew how to read and respond to the symptoms. The sessions with Tania enabled me to identify what I had to deal with and the actions to take and very quickly I began to feel better.

I am incredibly thankful for all of the help and support I was given, but also that I became ill in the first place. It has helped me to realise who I am and what is important and to move with life rather than against it.”

Dominic, London

“I started Reverse Therapy with hope, a desire to be better, and a belief that it could help me. With Tania’s guidance and encouragement I have learnt to actively listen to my BodyMind. As a result I feel much calmer, happier and, most importantly, healthier.”


Alison, London

Relationship Therapy Clients

“I came to Tania because my relationship track record over the last 8 years has been a disaster and I was attracting men who didn’t care for me and didn’t respect me. Tania helped me to build up my relationship with myself and it then didn’t take long for a wonderful, caring, kind and thoughtful man to come into my life.

Our relationship continues to go from strength to strength. Tania has helped me to understand different personality types and communicate better on all levels so my relationships with everyone seem to be so much easier than before.

Thanks Tania!”

Melissa, London

“It was my wife that was keen that both of us go and see Tania.To be honest I went into this really not knowing what to expect. What I did know was that there were areas of my life that weren’t working, areas that were hindering my relationships, areas that I wasn’t listening to.

Many of these barriers I had carefully erected over decades, some were force of habit, some were in defence, others were a response to often irrational fear – fear of what other people might think, fear of the unknown, fear of fear itself…

Tania helped me understand what lay at the heart of who I was, what were my real motivations, the voices that I should listen to, what drove me.

All my life I had been ruled by my head, it was the voice that had guided me. But the real answers lay elsewhere in my gut instinct – the real me that I had suppressed. She helped me tune into this and the results have been revelatory. Through techniques acquired through Tania I have now embarked on a new approach to all aspects of my life – work, friends, health, exercise. While I know I have a long way to go, I now feel better prepared to take the world on and have the confidence to be me.

The biggest benefit has been in the relationship with my wife – I can honestly say we understand each other better now. I think it was the realisation that we are very different. Ensuring that we don’t judge each other by our own standards, by who we are, was a real breakthrough. Often brutally honest counselling sessions together really opened our eyes to this.

Finding that you have an untapped inner strength is hugely empowering. But it is something that I have to work at every day and there are often times when my head rules again and I feel myself slipping back into irrational concerns that hold me back. However I now have the will and the know-how to push it to one side and reinsert the real me.

Thank you Tania!”

Tim, London


“My partner and I started working in couples therapy about 6 months ago and it has already made a significant impact. I am grateful to Tania’s empathy, skill and constructive approaches to dealing with a range of emotional issues. I was so happy with how she was helping us navigate our long-term relationship that I am now also seeing Tania on an individual basis. I cannot remember any therapy having such an immediate and positive impact.”

Mark, London

Health Therapy Clients

“I feel you have given me so many tools to use and different perspective on how I look at situations. It has been refreshing to be able to talk openly and honestly without judgement.  Thank you.”

– Elke, Guernsey