What are you learning?

What they learn as they grow:


A person that lives with ridicule

Learns to be timid

A person that lives with criticism

Learns to condemn

A person that lives with distrust

Learns to be deceitful

A person that lives with antagonism

Learns to be hostile

A person that lives with affection

Learns to love

A person that lives with encouragement

Learns confidence

A person that lives with truth

Learns justice

A person that lives with sharing

Learns to be considerate

A person that lives with knowledge

Learns wisdom.

Source unknown


When we are young those around us, our “teachers”, are largely responsible for what we learn – about ourselves, others and the world. As we grow older, our learnings begin to manifest in our relationships with ourselves and others. We rarely pay much attention to what it is we have learnt but simply accept our experience for what it is, confusing at best.

We are learning all the time. And we act on what we learn. However, our learnings are not always useful and for this reason we need to keep a check on them. What we learn in one context or with one person often gets generalized to all times and all people – in this we limit ourselves and what is possible for us in the future.

For example: men / women are not to be trusted; life is meant to be a struggle; my feelings are not important; I am not enough…

It is only in identifying our learnings, useful or not, that we have the opportunity to challenge and re-evaluate them:

What have you been learning and where did it come from?

How useful is this learning?

Is it really true? At all times? With all people? Who says?

What happens when you learn this?

Which new / revised / updated learning might serve you better?

What would happen if you started to learn this?

As we become more aware of what we are learning we can focus our attention in the direction of our choosing and learn that which will support us in moving forward.

It is for this reason that one of my favourite questions remains, “what are you learning?”

“Whoever cares to learn will always find a teacher. “
 German proverb

At this point in your life:

What do you care to learn?

And where might you find your teacher?

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