I offer therapy services to those interested in improving their health and relationships.

Health Therapy Services

Individual Health Therapy – for those wishing to develop a more comfortable and joyful relationship with their body and make changes in areas related to general health and well-being.

Common focus areas:

  • improving physical fitness
  • improving emotional well-being and reducing stress
  • changing habits/ practices – including smoking, eating, exercising and taking time out
  • learning how to talk to your body and respond to it’s messages
  • understanding symptoms of dis-ease

Process / structure:

We will meet for an introductory session, lasting one and a half hours, in which we will talk about your relevant personal history, how life is right now for you and your objectives for our work together. You will have an experience of working with me and understand better how we might specifically work together to meet your objectives. At the end of this session you will be in a position to decide whether you would like to continue.

Future sessions, lasting one hour, will build on this and be focused on providing you with the tools and learnings necessary to meet your objectives.

In between sessions, you will likely be asked to focus your attention in certain areas and build on what has been discussed in the previous session.

At the end of each session we will decide together on the optimum time to meet again (usually within one to two weeks). We will regularly review your progress and re-design the way forward for you.

For more on this service, please go to health therapy

Reverse Therapy (RT)

Reverse Therapy is for those wishing to restore balance to their body, by acting on the message of their symptoms. The purpose of this treatment is to relieve the symptoms of M.E. / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and other conditions.

Focus Areas:

  • shifting attention from being in your head to being in your body – including focusing skills
  • increasing awareness of body and “symptom messaging”
  • understanding how your body talks to you in an effort to get your needs met
  • learning how to repsond to / act on the message of your symptoms, thus restoring balance and harmony to your body

Process / structure:

We will meet for an introductory session, lasting upto one and a quarter hours, in which I will introduce you to the RT model and explain how your symptoms are produced. We will talk about the RT process and our roles in this work together. We will begin the process of discovering the message of your symptoms.

In subsequent sessions, lasting one hour, we will continue this work and identify the ways in which you might respond to/ act on your symptom message. In between sessions, you will use a journal to evaluate the effectiveness of your symptom message and this will help us to refine and evolve your message as necessary. You will learn focusing skills and develop a greater awareness of your body and how to work with it to maintain balance and health. You will experience resolution or significant reduction in symptoms as a result of this work.

For more on this service please go to reverse therapy

What My Clients Say

I have learnt so much about myself and my body and I now have all the tools to continue to help myself going forward. You have certainly been an amazing person to work with and you somehow know the right questions to ask me - thank you!
Tania consistently supported me in a way that felt strengthening. She has a knack for making you feel truly heard and balances this with practical tools to help you to move forward. I am truly grateful for the empathy and compassion she has shown me and the life lessons she has taught me.
I put Tania's advice into practice straight away and steadily the symptoms lifted as my body realised I was finally ready to listen. All in all I went for about six to eight sessions over a period of three months or so and I was a different person at the end. I couldn't recommend Tania's approach highly enough!

Relationship Therapy Services

Individual Relationship Therapy – for those wishing to understand better their relationships – past and present – and get clarity on their relationship(s) of choice for the future.

Common Focus Areas:

  • understanding old patterns that don’t serve you in your relationships
  • looking at your relationship with yourself as a blueprint for how you relate with others
  • getting clear on what you want and what you don’t want – both with a partner and other important people in your life

Process / Structure:

We will meet for an introductory session, lasting one and a half hours, in which we will talk about learnings from past relationships, what you are currently experiencing in the area of relationships and how you wish to move forward.
Future sessions will last one hour and may involve the use of other models designed to help in understanding how specifically you impact others and others impact you in relationships.

Couples Relationship Therapy

Couples Relationship Therapy is for those couples wanting to find a better way of being with each other and /or determine whether to continue in their relationship together.

Common Focus Areas

  • learning how to speak your partner’s language!
  • understanding how to stop unwanted patterns / behaviour in your relationship
  • identifying the needs of both partner’s and how to meet them!
  • noticing what is working and what is not!
  • saying what is true for you (without your partner interrupting) and listening to your partner
  • accepting and even celebrating your differences!

Process / Structure:

These sessions, typically lasting one and a half hours, will likely complement individual relationship therapy sessions.
In the first instance these sessions will help to determine the commitment of both partners to the relationship.
We will then focus on how you are relating with your partner and finding new responses to old problems, as well as creating the relationship you both want.
For more on this service please go to relationship therapy

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