The truth about habits

Learn (lûrn) v. To gain knowledge, comprehension, or mastery of through experience or study.

Habit (hab’it) n. A recurrent, often unconscious pattern of behaviour that is acquired through frequent repetition.

We were all born with a great capacity for learning and our habits are the results of that learning.

Which habits have you learnt over the years?

❯   Smoking?

❯   Eating more than you need or really want?

❯   Being afraid of failure or success?

Which habits are you currently practicing?

Which new behaviours would you like to make a habit of?

❯   Exercising regularly?

❯   Taking time out?

❯   Asserting yourself?

A habit is a behaviour repeated over time so that it becomes a part of who we are and what we do. Often we are not aware of this process. Many lifestyle changes occur by incorporating small habits into our daily lives. When seen in this way habits can offer us the opportunity to generate change in the direction we desire.

Over the coming days observe your own habits. Make note of which ones serve you well and which ones interfere with your progress.

Choose a new behaviour that you would like to make a habit of and consider the context in which you will practice it. If you were to practice this behaviour every day for the next month what will this do for you? Begin today and know the extraordinary power of incremental change.

“We first make our habits, and then our habits make us”

John Dryden

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