The magic formula for success!

Had a certain divorced single mother, living on welfare in a tiny Edinburgh flat, been more concerned with regrets of the past or anxieties for the future, the world might not have marvelled at the adventures of a young wizard named Harry!

Great performers in all fields of endeavor need to apply this magic formula to realise their dreams:

P = p – i

where P is performance, p is potential and i is interference

– Tim Gallwey

Let’s look at some of the ways in which we create interference in our lives by answering this question:

How do you let your power /energy leak away?

Your life energy is a resource. Do you spend it wisely or squander it?

Take a look at this list to see if any of these habits are familiar:

❯   Being pessimistic

❯   Judging yourself

❯   Pleasing others

❯   Regretting the past

❯   Replaying conversations in your head

❯   Thinking about how unfair things are

❯   Thinking about revenge

❯   Thinking of lost opportunities

❯   Trying to control others

❯   Worrying about what might happen

❯   Wishing things were different

❯   Anything else that leaves you less than resourceful

How much of your time and energy do you assign to these activities?

How ready are you to minimise that time and energy?

What will you do with all the extra time and energy you will create?

Which one will you tackle first and how will you know success?

“Do not look back in anger or forward in fear, but around in awareness.” 

James Thurber

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