Research shows that people with satisfying relationships live longer ? when we reveal ourselves to each other we live healthier, more vital lives and have less dis-ease.

As our lives get busier, we find we have less time for cultivating relationships. As we seek more physical comforts, we can become less open and honest. Sincere relationships, personal and professional, take time, effort and courage.

How much time, effort and courage are you investing in your relationships?

Great relationships are based on a solid underlying friendship and the extent to which the needs of both partners are being met – and this requires constant re-negotiation!

We teach others how to treat us and this is why we must look at how we are with ourselves first. Once we have improved our relationship with ourselves, we can focus on what we want with others.

Do you know what you want / need in your relationships? And are you prepared to share and request this?

Here are some questions that might help:

❯   What do you and your relationship need right now?

❯   Do you know how to speak your partner’s language?

❯   Are you noticing what’s working?

❯   Are you noticing what isn’t working? And are you prepared to do something different?

❯   How is your behaviour contributing to the state of your relationship?

❯   What are you avoiding and / or putting up with in your relationship?

What My Clients Say

I came to Tania because my relationship track record over the last 8 years has been a disaster and I was attracting men who didn't care for me and didn't respect me. Tania helped me to build up my relationship with myself and it then didn't take long for a wonderful, caring, kind and thoughtful man to come into my life!
Tania helped me understand what lay at the heart of who I was, what were my real motivations, the voices that I should listen to, what drove me.
Through techniques acquired through Tania I have now embarked on a new approach to all aspects of my life - work, friends, health, exercise. While I know I have a long way to go, I now feel better prepared to take the world on and have the confidence to be me.
The biggest benefit has been in the relationship with my wife - I can honestly say we understand each other now.

I work with both individuals and couples in the area of relationships.

When I work with couples I request that we meet individually too. The reason for this is that what we bring into our relationships often has nothing whatsoever to do with our partner, other than it’s negative impact on the realtionship! – this is better worked through on an individual basis.

A couple session will typically last one and a half hours.

You will be asked to take responsibility rather than assign blame and to notice how you are communicating with your partner. You will discover how to speak your partner’s language. You will have an opportunity to say what is true for you (without being interrupted) and you will learn to accept and even celebrate your differences!

“The ultimate test of a relationship is to disagree but hold hands.”

Alexander Penney

Case Studies / Testimonials from Past Relationship Therapy Clients

Quotes For Living

If we do not change direction, we are liable to end up where we are headed
There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy
Friedrich Nietzsche