One of my favourite areas to work in is the area of health.

Having originally trained as a doctor, the area of health continues to be of great interest as well as experience.

My decision to leave medicine came about in part from feeling restricted when working within “the medical model”.

Also, I discovered through my NLP training  that my desire was to work in the area of mental health as opposed to mental illness – this was an important distinction for me and one that determined the direction I wanted to move in.

Throughout my training I had been less than impressed with the results achieved in psychiatric medicine and this led to a move towards using NLP therapy processes and in particular, the area of mind-body healing.

One important thing I have learnt is this:

When you position the doctor (as opposed to yourself) as the expert on your body, maybe what you are really doing is shooting the messenger – your symptom(s) may return or get worse.

What My Clients Say

Tania consistently supported me in a way that felt strengthening. She has a knack for making you feel truly heard and balances this with practical tools to help you to move forward. I am truly grateful for the empathy and compassion she has shown me and the life lessons she has taught me.
Thank you for encouraging me to come. It was scary at first but I just knew it was going to work, I had every belief in you and Reverse Therapy. It has turned my life around and it is the most amazing feeling to be well again!
I feel you have given me so many tools to use and different perspective on how I look at situations. It has been refreshing to be able to talk openly and honestly without judgement. Thank you!

And until your body begins to feel safe in your hands, it will keep trying to get your attention, by sending you symptoms!

There is, of course, a place for traditional medicine and at the same time there is a real need, now more than ever, for each of us to take responsibility for taking care of our health – both physical and emotional – and in particular to start listening to the signals from our bodies… often in the form of symptoms.

So how does your body talk to you?

And if it were talking right now, what might it be saying?

Or what might it be objecting to?

Case Studies / Testimonials from Past Clients

Quotes For Living

There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy
Friedrich Nietzsche
What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us
Oliver Wendell Holmes
You cannot teach people anything. You can only help them discover it within themselves