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Relationship Therapy Clients

“I came to Tania because my relationship track record over the last 8 years has been a disaster and I was attracting men who didn’t care for me and didn’t respect me. Tania helped me to build up my relationship with myself and it then didn’t take long for a wonderful, caring, kind and thoughtful man to come into my life.

Our relationship continues to go from strength to strength. Tania has helped me to understand different personality types and communicate better on all levels so my relationships with everyone seem to be so much easier than before.

Thanks Tania!”

Melissa, London

“It was my wife that was keen that both of us go and see Tania.To be honest I went into this really not knowing what to expect. What I did know was that there were areas of my life that weren’t working, areas that were hindering my relationships, areas that I wasn’t listening to.

Many of these barriers I had carefully erected over decades, some were force of habit, some were in defence, others were a response to often irrational fear – fear of what other people might think, fear of the unknown, fear of fear itself…

Tania helped me understand what lay at the heart of who I was, what were my real motivations, the voices that I should listen to, what drove me.

All my life I had been ruled by my head, it was the voice that had guided me. But the real answers lay elsewhere in my gut instinct – the real me that I had suppressed. She helped me tune into this and the results have been revelatory. Through techniques acquired through Tania I have now embarked on a new approach to all aspects of my life – work, friends, health, exercise. While I know I have a long way to go, I now feel better prepared to take the world on and have the confidence to be me.

The biggest benefit has been in the relationship with my wife – I can honestly say we understand each other better now. I think it was the realisation that we are very different. Ensuring that we don’t judge each other by our own standards, by who we are, was a real breakthrough. Often brutally honest counselling sessions together really opened our eyes to this.

Finding that you have an untapped inner strength is hugely empowering. But it is something that I have to work at every day and there are often times when my head rules again and I feel myself slipping back into irrational concerns that hold me back. However I now have the will and the know-how to push it to one side and reinsert the real me.

Thank you Tania!”

Tim, London


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Coronavirus Lockdown Update
Please rest assured, in these unsettling and challenging times I will continue to offer client sessions (including to new clients) over either Skype or FaceTime video calls. This is something I have been offering for some time, prior to our current lockdown situation, to those unable to meet with me in person and it generally works very well. And for my top tips on how to thrive (not just survive) during lockdown, please click here!
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