• Are you struggling to get your needs met in your relationship?
  • Do you keep getting in the same arguments with your partner?
  • Are you ready to learn some new strategies to help get your relationship back on track?

Successful relationships take time, effort and courage. As our lives get busier we have less time than we’d like to focus on our relationships. But it’s worth making the time – research shows that couples with satisfying relationships live longer, healthier, more vital lives.

Re-build Your Relationship

I can give you strategies which will help take you in a different, better direction. So you’ll know what to do the next time you find yourselves getting into an argument.

You’ll be given simple tools which will help you revitalise your relationship and remind you why you got together in the first place.

How I Work With Couples

A couples session typically lasts one and a half hours. You will discover how to speak your partner’s language. You will have an opportunity to say what is true for you without interruption and you will learn to accept and even celebrate your differences.

You will finally let go of the hurt and start moving forward.

Let’s Get Started

I am based in Brondesbury Park, London NW2 and I offer a 15 minute free telephone consultation to new clients – contact me now to book yours! Sessions available during the Coronavirus Lockdown, via Skype / FaceTime video.

The bDr Tania Abdulezer - NLP Therapy for Health and Relationshipsest way to start the process is to complete this simple form.

I will call you or email you to answer any questions and arrange our first session.

Please do get in touch and I will respond as soon as possible. Stay safe and well,


(Dr. Tania Abdulezer)