The power of the spoken word leaves a lasting resonance on you, on others and on the universe.
Are you aware of the impact of your words? And their legacy..?
To illustrate this point, you might remember a sentence, once spoken to you, that has stayed with you and changed the course of your life?
The power is not just contained in the words themselves, or the energy with which they are spoken, but in the frame we put around them i.e. what we decide those words mean to us / how we “take” what is said to us.
One powerful way to change our own experience and that of others, is to allow the same words to take on a new frame / meaning and notice the difference?
If a word / sentence can “hit” you, it surely has an energy that can manifest physically ? both in and around you ? how about that for impact?
Sometimes the negative words spoken give us the energy to move forward in spite of them and with greater conviction e.g. someone saying you will never achieve something and that in itself providing some much needed motivation!

So all this means that we ought to take great care with our words – MIND YOUR LANGUAGE!
This of course starts with your internal dialogue and then extends to the language you use to communicate with others.
If you, like me, need reminding of this truth from time to time, give yourself permission to re-state your words in light of your greater awareness of their impact. Something I used to say a lot (much to the annoyance of those around me) was “What I meant to say was …” following some careless utterances!
This was one of the ways I learnt how to mind my own language.

Quotes For Living

I?ve never gotten indigestion from eating my words!
Winston Churchill