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How to thrive, not just survive, during lockdown!

Here are my top tips for taking care of your health and your relationships at this time:

  • Stay safe – observe the recommended social distancing and hand washing measures
  • Make a feel good list – activities and people that are sure to put a smile on your face – and keep it handy!
  • Find a “happy place” in your home / garden – and spend time there each day on your own
  • Be in nature
  • Be creative
  • Stay connected – both online and offline – with family, friends and community
  • You get what you focus on! – so focus on what you CAN do / CAN control / DO know and only what is in front of you i.e. today!
  • Be selective with the information you expose yourself to as well as the people!
  • Be kind – to yourself and others
  • Listen to your body
  • Build healthy habits – tag it onto something you already do each day, at at the same time each day – and start small!
  • Practice gratitude and mindfulness – try the Grateful App / Calm app
  • Discover the joy of movement!
  • If you are struggling or feeling overwhelmed, please do ask for help


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Coronavirus Lockdown Update
Please rest assured, in these unsettling and challenging times I will continue to offer client sessions (including to new clients) over either Skype or FaceTime video calls. This is something I have been offering for some time, prior to our current lockdown situation, to those unable to meet with me in person and it generally works very well. And for my top tips on how to thrive (not just survive) during lockdown, please click here!
Stay safe and well,