How is your environment working for you?

The focus so much of the time is on what we are doing and who we are doing it with and we can lose sight of the places we live in and the differences they make to our experience of life and of ourselves. When I am enjoying my surroundings I experience life differently… joyfully and peacefully…

Our environments impact us all; some of us are more aware of it than others. Our environment includes the physical space we are in, the light, the sound, the energy, the people, the smells, the colours and shapes… We operate in many different environments each day – the places where we live (sleep, eat, spend time) the places where we work and the places we visit and move through in between. Some environments are more supportive to us than others, some more restful, more energsing, more inspiring… Our mood, our experience (of ourselves and others) and our performance are all related to our environment.

Which environments / places do you enjoy being in?

Where do you feel inspired / peaceful / energised?

Where would you like to spend more time?

How would your life be different if you were to do this?

Our outer environment surely helps to create our inner one. I love to be in spaces with lots of natural light and wherever possible, water. I am always looking for ways to bring more of these elements into my life. Colour is another aspect of my environment that has a great impact and one that we can more easily change…

What changes can you make to your current environments to support you in living your life joyfully and performing at your best?

Whether you work in an office, in your home or even from your car, talking care to create the environment that supports you in your work is time well spent.

Sometimes, the places we are spending our time in simply do not work for us (energetically or aesthetically) – changing them or leaving them and finding one that does can literally change our lives!

Are there any places where you are spending your time that do not work for you?

What might happen if you created / found a new one?

However you choose to create your environment, know that you are and that it matters. From where we choose to sit in a restaurant to the position we take round a meeting table, to where we build our relationships, when we are in the right place then we are better able to go in the right direction…

If you, or someone you know, would like support in making your environment work for you, I can help – contact me now to find out more!