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How I Work

What will happen when we start working together?

This is what you can expect in the area of health:

resolution or significant reduction of symptoms and greater awareness of how your body talks to you and how to appropriately respond to it’s needs
greater ease and connection with your body and less time spent stressing in your head!
create your blueprint for healthy living in collaboration with your body (including healthy habits / practices and, where appropriate, support from others not reliance on them)

This is what you can expect in the area of relationships:

freedom from old patterns and old relationships
knowing what you want and how to recognise it!
the tools to enable you to communicate easily with your partner!
the opportunity to be in a relationship that meets the needs of both partners

And generally:

moving forward in areas of difficulty and stuckness
a lot of learning about what works for you and what doesn’t!

These is some of what I bring to my work:

my intuition, clarity, truth and experience
I work collaboratively and creatively
I will challenge you and support you
I will take you seriously without always being serious!

My experience in the areas of health and relationships:

My training as a medical doctor, specialising in psychiatry, was a wonderful introduction to both the area of health and that of relating with others.
For the last twenty years I have worked as an NLP Therapist in these areas and I love discovering the brilliance of my clients!
My training as a therapist and coach has equipped me with many tools in my work and has taught me how to ask great questions of myself and my clients!
My personal experience in both areas has benefited my clients greatly! In the area of health, my own experience of spinal disc injury has taught me so much about paying attention to and working with my body, in a commited and trusting way. My relationships teach me about what works for me and about how I impact others and they impact me – I do my best to learn quick and get out of my own way!

My approach is personalised and flexible, to meet the needs of my clients. I draw on different models in my work, especially that of NLP Therapy. I also use the Human Design System as a way to better understand who we are by design, how we impact others and are in turn impacted by them. This is particularly useful in a relationship context as well as a tool for optimising health.

I believe in the work I do and the results speak for themselves – take a look at some client comments

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Coronavirus Lockdown Update
Please rest assured, in these unsettling and challenging times I will continue to offer client sessions (including to new clients) over either Skype or FaceTime video calls. This is something I have been offering for some time, prior to our current lockdown situation, to those unable to meet with me in person and it generally works very well. And for my top tips on how to thrive (not just survive) during lockdown, please click here!
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