How does your body talk to you?

Back in 2003, my body got my attention in a big way.

I started experiencing severe back pain – the sort that demands cooperation and absolute commitment to change. Initially, I remember feeling pain and anxiety and frustration. Whilst the pain was limited to the area of my back, it’s impact would generate change in all areas of my life –work, play, physical exercise and emotional well-being.
 Such was my dilemma – manage the pain whilst ignoring the message it carried or listen to the demands of my body.

If my back had spoken to me then, I believe it would have said:

  • Pay attention!
  • Do only what’s right for you each day and know your limits
  • Treat me respectfully and I will be strong for you in return

Luckily, I didn’t take too long to decide on my response and to enlist the support of others in honouring my commitment.

Our bodies have an intelligence and wisdom beyond words. And when we are not behaving / living in a way that is aligned with our wellbeing our bodies will take objection to this and attempt to communicate with us. This communication typically occurs in the form of symptoms, often mild at first then increasing in severity until they cannot be ignored!

This is your body doing it’s job in the only way it knows how and it is our job to listen. And act appropriately. What I didn’t know back in 2003 was what I now teach my clients every day:

Until your body begins to feel safe in your hands, it will keep trying to get your attention, by sending you symptoms!

Can you recall a time when your body tried to get your attention?

Were you able and ready to listen?

And what happened as a result?

If you were to know, what was your body attempting to communicate to you?

How might you respond differently now and in the future?

I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen.”

Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961)

If you, or someone you know, want support in listening to your body and getting rid of symptoms, I can help – contact me now to find out more!