How and why to let go!

Many years ago on holiday I experienced an incredible thing. It was the difference between holding on and being held, fighting with and playing with… ultimately the difference between pain and pleasure. And all this on water-skis! When I started to learn to ski I was holding on with every muscle in my body and with all the strength I had; I thought I would fall if I didn’t. It was exhilarating but I could feel the aches and pains afterwards. And I felt there had to be an easier way. My mind agreed and this required me to relax my muscles and start having some fun! I remember the moment I let go of the need to fight with the boat and how my focus changed from holding on (for fear of falling) to playing with the skis on the water. As I got more comfortable, I began waiving to my cheerleaders on the boat and shouting with excitement at how much fun I was having. Only then did I noticed that the view was breath-taking…

Have you ever experienced anything like that?

I believe this phenomenon occurs very often on dry land. We are presented with many opportunities to fight or hold on tight in our lives – personal or professional. This response seems to make perfect sense when we focus on what might happen if we let go. Sometimes, we are afraid to fall or lose control; at other times it is just our habit to fight or hold on tight.

Can you remember a time when you have responded in this way to something or someone in your life?  

What were you afraid of?

How did it feel in your body?

And what happened as a result?

Where in that experience might you now wish to let go?

What possibilities may result and how might this feel different?

This is not to say that holding on or fighting is never useful – on the contrary, it can be life saving.

The rest of the time, you may be lucky enough to save face but you will stand to lose the possibility of a bigger and better experience. You may also create pain for yourself or others in the process.

Is there an area of your life where you feel you may benefit from letting go?

Where does your attention need to be in order to let go?

When you have let go, what will you have discovered?

I invite you to pay attention to one area of your life where you may be using the strategy of holding on or fighting. Notice what it feels like in your body and what you are focusing on. Could it be easier and more fun to let go?

“It’s never to late to come home… all you need to do is stop moving away.”

Joanne Harris -5 Quarters of An Orange

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