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Frequently Asked Questions

  •  How long will it take?

Based on my experience, it will take an average of around 8 sessions before you achieve your health or relationship goal.


  • How often will the sessions be?

 The sessions will usually be weekly / fortnightly, depending on preferences and the time needed to complete your task and get feedback.


  • Do I have to commit myself to a certain number of sessions?

No, we will decide at the end of each session whether to have another.

The only thing I will ask you to commit to is the task agreed and to achieving your goal.


  • Will I be doing all the talking?

No, there is a pretty fair balance when it comes to talking (and listening) in the sessions, so come prepared to do both.


  • Will I have to talk about the past?

 In my opinion, there are two important reasons for talking about the past. The first is to notice what has worked so you can repeat it and improve on it. The second is to notice what hasn’t worked so you can learn from it.

When it is useful to talk about the past, we will do so safely and with a focus on your  desired future.


  • What will you (the therapist) be doing?

A typical session would follow this format:

START         information gathering, to focus the session

MIDDLE     asking questions, answering questions, helping you to experience other perspectives, guiding you through exercises and processes, tailored to you and your goal

END             to ensure lasting changes are made, we will agree a task, e.g. to notice something, try something out or write something down, before the next session


  •  What will happen in my first RT session?

We will look at your symptoms and use the RT model to understand how each of those symptoms are created in your body.

We will talk about the RT model and the process ahead.

We will start the “detective work” to identify the triggers which prompt your body to create distress signals in the form of symptoms.

I will begin to formulate your  symptom message and guide you on how to act on this message.

You will be given further information to take home.

You will understand what is required of you in order to restore balance once again and convince your body that it is in safe hands.



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Coronavirus Lockdown Update
Please rest assured, in these unsettling and challenging times I will continue to offer client sessions (including to new clients) over either Skype or FaceTime video calls. This is something I have been offering for some time, prior to our current lockdown situation, to those unable to meet with me in person and it generally works very well. And for my top tips on how to thrive (not just survive) during lockdown, please click here!
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