Express Yourself!

How do you do it? Why bother? What gets in the way?
And how could you do it better?

Express – verb

  1. To put something into words.
  2. To indicate or represent something with looks, actions, symbols, etc.
  3. To show or reveal

21st Century Dictionary

How do you express yourself best?

Do you express yourself best with words (spoken or written), actions or maybe a telling look / expression?

What is the purpose of expressing yourself?

Expressing ourselves is vital to our growth, health and wellbeing. It is how we come to know ourselves, heal ourselves and keep ourselves and others entertained!

It is also important to express ourselves in our relationships (with ourselves and others) – both personally and professionally. The purpose of this might be, for example:

❯   To share / connect with others

❯   To know / understand ourselves better – and help others to know and understand us (sometimes clarity comes through expression)

❯   To present ourselves and our experiences in life

How do you most enjoy expressing yourself?

Many of my clients express themselves creatively – often through the art of story-telling – be it with words, pictures or music…
This creative process is a unique expression of life in those moments and a wonderful opportunity to reveal our brilliance. This can also be a source of inspiration to others, serving as a catalyst to their own expression.

What gets in the way of you expressing yourself?

❯   Pain (physical and emotional)?

❯   Fear?

❯   Limiting beliefs? (for example, he/she won’t listen anyway so why bother… he/she won’t like what I have to say so I’d better not rock the boat… my feelings/thoughts/ideas are not important enough to express so I’ll keep them to myself…)

Sometimes, in an effort to express ourselves, we experience cultural or language barriers. This may lead to inhibition and resignation, which in turn can result in confusion. An awareness of this (with humour) will help to facilitate better communication.

Your expression must be tailored to your audience. What is the message/ expression about? Are you simply sharing information/ ideas? Are you setting the tone by the way you are expressing yourself in that relationship? Or are you just being you and expressing what you have to offer?

It is said that, “the meaning of a communication is the response it elicits”. What responses have you noticed when you are expressing yourself?

Sometimes we confuse the need to express ourselves with the need for attention and this can elicit all manner of responses, which simply serve to direct us away from ourselves…

The ways in which we express ourselves personally can shape our relationships for better or worse. Professionally, expressing what is unique about us and what we have to offer (our personal brand) will determine our success.

Where in your life would you like to express yourself more effectively?

How will you and others benefit?

Which new message(s) would you like to give yourself and others?

Where will you begin?

If you, or someone you know, wish to express yourself more effectively, I can help – contact me now to find out more!