Registered Medical Practitioner

   UKCP Accredited NLP Psychotherapist

   Certified NLP Coach

   Certified Reverse Therapist

   Medical Advisor for Reverse Therapy UK

Training and Qualifications

My professional trainings have been invaluable to me as they have given me much to respond to in my life and provided the perfect places for me to discover more of what I know, how I want to work and where I am masterful in what I do. At times, my professional qualifications have enabled me to more confidently offer my services to others and my many teachers have given me useful working models to play with before making my own. However, it is the work with my clients and with myself over the years that has revealed to me the learnings that indeed qualify me to do the work I do.

My study of medicine taught me so much about the nature of health, healing and relating with others – and how important it is to be comfortable at times with not knowing, yet stay present to your experience.

I took the decision to leave medicine at a time when I was working almost exclusively with those patients diagnosed with some form of mental illness. I had become more and more resistant to working within the “medical model” and had been introduced to and started training in the NLP model. This for me was a compelling alternative way of working with some patients who had a greater awareness of their own experience and a desire to explore what mental health might look like for them. I invited some of these patients to work with me, using this model, over a period of six months, and the incredible results of our work together (including being discharged as psychiatric patients and off all medication) convinced me to leave and set up on my own. This was over 20 years ago.


What My Clients Say

Anyone reading this and wondering what to do, I would say make the call today. It really is a way of changing your life for the better and although you can't imagine it now, after a few sessions, you will see that it is possible! I can't thank Tania and Reverse Therapy enough.
After my first session I just knew this was going to work - everything Tania said just summed up my situation! After just three sessions I was a different person. I got married exactly six weeks after I had started Reverse Therapy. Tania would never take any of the glory but it was 100 percent down to her and reverse therapy that I was able to have the best day of my life and dance the night away!!!
I feel you have given me so many tools to use and different perspective on how I look at situations. It has been refreshing to be able to talk openly and honestly without judgement. ?Thank you!

Another personal experience I would like to share with you happened 15 years ago – I experienced a double spinal disc injury that painfully and relentlessly brought me to my senses (literally) and transformed my relationship with my body. My determination and stubbornness helped, my impatience got in the way and my trust in my intuition ultimately kept me safe. As a result of my recovery process, I have developed my own practices that keep me well and stronger than ever, whilst finding a team of individuals who support me in my learning and in moving forward. For this experience I feel immensely grateful and proud.



My professional and personal trainings in all areas have taught me much about the process of relating with others and my curiosity has ensured that I have kept learning and growing in this area. Admittedly, my relationship with myself continues to be my greatest teacher – and this is reflected perfectly to me in my relationships with others! I know that others come into my life to teach me what I need to learn about myself and for this I am grateful if not always at the time!

I find having a sense of humour really helps when working in the area of relationships and usually my clients discover the same! I believe that good relationships are based on good friendships and necessarily involve a process of on-going negotiation to best meet the needs of both partners. Creating a fulfilling relationship with a partner in life is both challenging and joyful, and in part dependent on our ability to both respect and celebrate our differences.

My relationship successes with both individuals and couples in this area have included clients who have:

become clear about not wanting to be together and chosen to end their relationship

transformed their experience of being in their relationships to one of greater joy, ease and connection

moved from a place of hurt and loneliness to a place of strength and clarity

celebrated their much improved relationships by going on to get married and / or start a family

Please take a look at therapy services for more on these areas.



My current practices (things I do on a regular basis to keep me healthy) include meditation, pilates, swimming, cycling, tennis, reflexology, massage, learning to play the harmonica, time out with my friends and family, time out with myself…

My personal interests include being in the company of those I love (preferably with some great food and wine thrown in!), travel and photography, art and design, film and theatre, music and reading… I live with my wonderful husband of 13yrs, who reminds me of what works and what doesn’t, and my two incredible children who remind me to listen and to play!

I am based in North West London – Brondesbury Park, NW2. I look forward to meeting you and working with you!

Quotes For Living

You cannot teach people anything. You can only help them discover it within themselves
Do not look back in anger or forward in fear, but around in awareness
James Thurber