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NLP Therapy for your health and your relationships

This site is dedicated to helping you discover more about what you want in the areas of health and relationships as well as providing the solutions to your health and relationship problems.

These are the areas that I know and am passionate about. They also happen to be areas we struggle greatly with and matter greatly to us. What’s getting in the way of enjoying your health and / or relationships?

Health Therapy

How does your body talk to you? Find out more about health therapy

Reverse Therapy

Are you struggling with ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia? Click here.

Relationship Therapy

How is your relationship working for you? Are you ready to look at what’s working and what’s not? Would you like to learn how to get out of your own way and transform your relationships with your self, your body and others? Click here.

Cancer Coaching

Are you living with a cancer diagnosis yet struggling to live your best life? Are you a partner or carer and struggling to support your loved one on their cancer journey? Click here

What Next?

My clients and I have been learning together and getting great results for 20 years now, following on from my previous life as a doctor.

Now that you know the areas that I work in, find out if you are my ideal client.

Latest posts from my blog

  •   The importance of Being Real

    So what’s important about being real? It’s good / healthy for us – if we deny ourselves or others the reality of what is true for us at any moment then that truth remains with us, unexpressed but nevertheless stored in our bodies as tension or dis-ease. If we are allowed to express what is […]

  •   How does your body talk to you?

    Back in 2003, my body got my attention in a big way. I started experiencing severe back pain – the sort that demands cooperation and absolute commitment to change. Initially, I remember feeling pain and anxiety and frustration. Whilst the pain was limited to the area of my back, it’s impact would generate change in […]

  •   How and why to let go!

      Many years ago on holiday I experienced an incredible thing. It was the difference between holding on and being held, fighting with and playing with… ultimately the difference between pain and pleasure. And all this on water-skis! When I started to learn to ski I was holding on with every muscle in my body […]


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Coronavirus Lockdown Update
Please rest assured, in these unsettling and challenging times I will continue to offer client sessions (including to new clients) over either Skype or FaceTime video calls. This is something I have been offering for some time, prior to our current lockdown situation, to those unable to meet with me in person and it generally works very well. And for my top tips on how to thrive (not just survive) during lockdown, please click here!
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